Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Comedy & Movie Reviews 2022

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27.05.22 : Interceptor - movie
Action , Adventure, Drama : One Army captain must use her years of tactical training and military expertise when a simultaneous coordinated attack threatens the remote missile interceptor station she is in command of.
Now I know why this film isn't playing at other cinemas, it's a B-grade TV movie, ie, it's Netflix. It's a modern B-grade action TV movie, ie, the action/special effects is decent for 2022, but the acting, dialogue, logic/happenings is bad - thankfully not Battleship(2012) or Pacific Rim(2013) bad -. I also had trouble hearing the main actor because she has such a strong ascent, but that's probably due to age and hearing loss. Ok, if you don't have any expectations. 2

26.05.22 : Last Seen Alive - movie
Action , Mystery, thriller : A man whose soon-to-be ex-wife mysteriously vanishes at a gas station. The film delves into the town's criminal underbelly while running from the authorities in a race against time to find her.
It's not so much a action film, but more a harrowing/upsetting drama. I can handle the kidnapping of an innocent in an action film, because it's short, it has a reason/purpose, and you know they are going to be saved by the end, but when you have sleazy characters, with no reason for it, the hopelessness and injustice gets harrowing. Couldn't be bothered sitting there for 2 hours upset so I split at 1 hour and just read the rest of the story on Wiki. 1

25.05.22 : Celebrity Letters And Numbers - live recording : NEP Studios Sydney Eveleigh
Gen Fricker, Harley Breen, Concetta Caristo, Andy Saunders(Dictionary Corner)
It's hard to compare the recording to what is transmitted on TV, ie, long but funnier Vs short but sterilised for TV, but I think the recording was funnier than the TV show because it has all the rude ad-lib stuff that gets cut for the overly sensitive winging TV audience. What I noticed about this recording is it's more pedantic than other recordings I've been to, ie, if there is a slight wording mistake it gets re-recorded, which is not really a problem because they don't reset the recording but rather just say the line again straight away, ie, no stopping. Sorry forgot to take a pic - doh -, but the gossip in this series is Lilly is 33 weeks pregnant. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.5

24.05.22 : How to Please a Woman - movie
Comedy, Drama : When her all-male house-cleaning business gets out of control, a mature woman must embrace her own sexuality, if she is to make a new life for herself.
It's a fun little film. Nice. 3.5 - $10 + $3.50

24.05.22 : Cracking Comedy in Aid of Women and Children First : Leicester Square Theatre - NextUpComedy live stream
Vix Leyton (MC) – Welsh comic. Podcast 'The Comedy Arcade'. Nominated Leicester Comedy Awards.
James Acaster – Best Comedy Nominee Edinburgh Fringe 2012-16. Podcasts Off Menu with Ed Gamble
Daniel Foxx
Sindhu Vee – Live at the Apollo, House of Games, Sex Education
Mike Wozniak – Man Down, Taskmaster, winner Amused Moose Laugh Off 2008
Jenny Ryan
Maisie Adam – Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You, QI
Elf Lyons – The Stand-Up Sketch Show, Culture Hour, The Dog Ate My Homework.
Nathan Caton – Don't Hate The Playaz, Channel 4's Comedy Gala, Russell Howard's Good News.
Olga Koch – nominated Best Newcomer Edinburgh Fringe 2018, Best Show Leicester Comedy Festival 2020
I was watching and kept getting constant déjà vu, to the point I was wondering if this was live or just a Nextup on-demand video. And that's when I worked out that most of the comics were in the last special, and that they were doing the same routines. It was fine, but for me you can imagine why it was a bit familiar. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.5 - $20.50

22.05.22 : Madeleine Stewart - So Brave : Factory Theatre
I'm kind-of used to young comics having slow and sparse sets, ie, not much material, but this show is insane how much material it's got. It's along the lines-of US comic levels of material, just constant line after line. It had a bit about disabilities, but mostly was about here sex life. This is not delightful, ie, not that funny but nice to watch, this is actually lol comedy where you actually laugh. Super fun, and quite impressive for someone so young, ie, she has the skill/material of a next tier comic. Crowd : 4.25 - Me : 3.75 - $20

22.05.22 : Ashley Fils-Aime : Factory Theatre
That's weird, I don't remember any shows in this container that were good, ie, they seen to relegate lower comics here, and now there has been 2 in a row. When I saw "from Haiti to Miami to L.A", I thought it would be worth the a risk on an unknown because they've done the US circuit, ie, they have to be good. And this guy was exactly what I was expecting, ie, a fast-talking US comic with a lot of material that is seriously funny. Lots of good simple stuff - I like jokes that aren't serious -, ie, moving to Australia and all the weird stuff we do, and the immigration stuff, ie, hoops you have to jump through, of moving here and getting married to an Australian. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.75 - $20

21.05.22 : Powerbomb Comedy at Staves Brewery : Staves Brewery
Fiona Cox(MC), Harry Jun, Ange Lavoipierre, Laura Coleman, Jack Wright, Jackson Stewart, Nat Damena, Rohan Arneil, . That was a level higher than normal, and actually it turned out to be a bit of a bargain due to it being quite good. Fiona has this subdued delivery, but I kind-of like that because it reminds me of Amanda Gray. Other standouts, ie, they were good, were Harry, Jack, and Nat. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.75 - $16 + $10

20.05.22 : Father Stu - movie
Biography, Drama : Follows the life of Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption.
It takes a while to get used to the character because he has this dumb confidence that borders on arrogance, ie, it's annoying. He is also charming, and those bits are quite fun. It's a bit up and down, ie, some chuckles, lots of long unremarkable/mundane, and some dark, but overall it didn't have enough to be entertaining/compelling. 2.5 - $9

19.05.22 : Daniel Townes - Grinding : Factory Theatre
I was just thinking how all the good mid-tier comics from 10 years ago would crush it today, because the level of funny comics have dropped down to such a low level, and it's Daniel Townes that was one of those comics from the past. Unfortunately it just wasn't as good as his old material. This one was pretty much all about people he knows/saw dying, which isn't a deal breaker because Daniel can turn-it-around with gags, it's just that the whole thing just wasn't that funny. I think at best it was a $25 show, but the added transaction fee made this a $35 show, and it just wasn't at that level. I was dreading this being a repeat, now I wished it was a repeat with his South African travel story, his airport story, even his uvula story. Pretty disappointing. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3 - $35.50

19.05.22 : Chris Nguyen - It's Pronounced Nguyen : Factory Theatre
I wanted to go - someone new -, then I didn't - it's in a horrible shipping container -, but then I went, and it was pretty good. I've never heard of this guy, and it is his first solo show, but Asians usually do this good self-deprecating humour so it was worth a shot, and in fact the chuckles are so consistent throughout the show it got fatiguing, in a good way. Something that actually makes you laugh, ie, not just feel good. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.75 - $15

18.05.22 : Floyd Alexander-Hunt - Highly Strung : Factory Theatre
The face belies the filth, ie, looks wholesome, but says very rude stuff, and that makes it more funny, eg, "I have a double degree in music............................and sucking cock", but overall it's pretty delightful, ie, maybe not lol funny, but super nice/charming. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5 - $20

15.05.22 : The Game is Afoot! An Improvised Sherlock Holmes Mystery : Factory Theatre
I made a mistake with this show, because I should've also gone to the show the day before. That was the best thing I've seen this year - actually the past 3 years -, because it was like the old days with the GOAT's of Impro. I can't say they were at their 5 star peek like in the 90's/00's - you need to do Improv on a regular basis or you lose your sharpness -, but it was a great/fun show. That was a good shot in the funny bone. Crowd : 4 - Me : 4.25 - $20

12.05.22 : Greg Larsen - We All Have Bloody Thoughts : Factory Theatre
It's taken something like 5 or 6 year to finally see a Larsen's show, and that's because the 3 or 4 shows that were advertised in that past were all cancelled and pulled at the last minute before I went to them. The first time I saw Greg on TV was a swipe left moment, and that's because he didn't look like a jolly giant, but more an angry white guy with an agenda. But after seeing his comedy that switched, because it was along the lines of quirky/crazy Uni student humour - it's the stuff that really appeals to me -. Well he was good, but it wasn't quirky/strange stuff, more conventional storytelling stuff. I liked it, I just wished I laughed more. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.5 - $34.50

11.05.22 : Heath Franklin - Renaissance of Stupidity : Factory Theatre
Heath Franklin as himself has never been as funny as his Chopper character, but this show seems a level lower than that. This is a first run mid week trial show, so you shouldn't expect perfect, but I don't see how it's going to be much better tomorrow. Old Heath was always in control, calm, and without much emotion, ie, usually subtle snide remarks. This Heath is more angry/emotional and direct. As an example, current Heath says "the Beatles are f@cked, they sole all their music from Chuck Berry. Where as old Heath would've said :"Didn't Chuck Berry write some good songs, like Love me Do(a Beatles song). Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 2.5 - $32.50

10.04.22 : Dragon Friends Season 8 - Live D&D Comedy Show : Comedy Store
Usually by this point in a season it's kicked-off with something interesting/exciting, eg, flying a out of control ship upside-down while. This ep was just taking a letter to an opposing army's King. There was no Dungeon Daddy Dave, and I don't really like the ones when Dave is not DM-ing. Basically Dave is the only one smart and quick enough to tax the Improv skill of the others, and even though we don't like it when the Dragon Friends lose, it's kind-of a necessity to make things more interesting, ie, no conflicts and there is nothing to generate emotions that make it memorable/substantial. It's kind-of why all the talent/quiz shows look for a tragic back-story. Basically the night was no Dave, less d!ck jokes, and more talking, be it directionless talking - maybe not directionless, more small talk with no substance -. Maybe the same level as last ep, maybe a bit less, but something around that. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.25 - $25

10.05.22 : Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - movie
Action, Adventure, Fantasy : Dr. Stephen Strange casts a forbidden spell that opens the doorway to the multiverse, including alternate versions of himself, whose threat to humanity is too great for the combined forces of Strange, Wong, and Wanda Maximoff.
They seem to write big/long/travels-a-lot stories for Dr Strange, and that makes it more interesting than a normal action film. This one is no exception, and in fact is probably the biggest Dr Strange story so far. You can tell it's good/interesting, when the time just flies by. 4 - $10

07.05.22 : Powerbomb Comedy at Staves Brewery : Staves Brewery
Kyle Legacy(MC),Andrew Hamilton, ?, Kathryn Mae Thomas, Billy D'Arcy, Tom Witcombe, Andrew Hastings, Bonnie Tangey, Ryan Sim - list probably wrong because we have to clap when they announce the names and you can't hear them -.
The crowd can be a bit subdued here - probably because they can only react to the level of the comedy, ie, mild comedy mild clapping -, but Kyle Legacy(MC) forced them to have fun with his wicked "say what you see" crazy ad-lib crowd work. The other standout was Bonnie Tangey, with her comedy stylings of delivering crazy sh!t with a dead-pan straight-faced - it's a bit like Elliot Goblet -. As for the rest they were ok, but there were two repeats that I pretty much remember their whole routine. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.25 - $16 + $10

06.05.22 : Mike Goldstein – Still Got it! : Factory Theatre
He kind-of has that air of fast talking, lots good jokes in rapid succession, NY comic, just not fast, and not as many good jokes. I have seen him once doing a short set, and I think he was ok - it was 2017 and I don't remember -, and on TV he does come up with killer one-liners, there's just something about his face that I find a "deal breaker", ie, the appearance on not being funny, so I thought I better see his whole set and see if he's any good. Well he's kind-of good, ie, better than a young comic, just not as good as a pro comic. Basically anyone that sees him will have a good time, ie, won't be disappointed. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.5 - $30.25

05.05.22 : Ahmed Zubb – The Kebab Panel Project : Factory Theatre
Ahmed Zubb and friends are back this time they're all on a Panel. With a show called 'The Kebab Panel Project', it's a talk show panel program featuring Ahmed Zubb(Rodney Todd), Craig Andersen, Belinda Andersen-Hunt, Will Erimya and Eric Hutton, and with surprise guest Tahir. It's always good, because it so scuff, ie, a lot is improvised. As an example, I don't know the crowd response because Ahmed made everyone walk out at the end without clapping - lol. Guaranteed fun, because it's stupid. Crowd : ? - Me : 3.75 - $20.30

05.05.22 : Steph Broadbridge – Hotchick/tired mum : Factory Theatre
It was mainly standup, with a few comedy songs thrown in. For me it's about the level I would expect for a new-ish comic, but the crowd liked it a lot because there was more than the average applause at the end. I was pretty distracted/depressed, so you can ignore my score, but the thing I liked was when she did a song singing bad reviews that here psychiatrist got. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3 - $15

04.05.22 : Sara Pascoe - Success Story (work in progress) : Enmore Theatre
It's gotta be the bargain of the festival. Sara Pascoe, ie, famous, intimate room, she's good, and only $25. Even though it was a work in progress, the main gist of it was that she wanted to get on TV from a child. Crowd : 4.25 - Me : 3.75 - $26

01.05.22 : Kevin Jin - Country Boy : Enmore Theatre
It's ME, not Phil Wang - lol -. I've seen the guy like 100 times doing announcements at the Sydney Comedy Festival and he seems pretty fun/affable, but I haven't seen him doing comedy - I did see him once doing a story night -. So I figured I better find out if he's good incase I've been missing something worth seeing. Well he's good, it's just that it's a bit hard to explain. It's like the actual gags are only ok, ie, not super, but his natural personality/delivery is so good that it makes up for the gags and makes the show quite good. You won't be disappointed because he's a lot of fun, it's just that you'll only laugh at about 75% strength. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5 - $25

30.04.22 : Thao Thanh Cao - Marmalade : Enmore Theatre
It's nice enough, it's just that it ends sad, ie, has a serious message. The first half is comedy, but the second half turns into "truth bombs", and it's kind-of a bit too real to be funny, eg, fleeing Vietnam and nearly dying when their boat runs out of fuel and is lost at sea for 42 days, racism, nearly bleeding to death as a baby because the talcum power had the blood thinner/anti coagulant Warfarin in it. Fun, and then not so fun. Ok. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.5 - $ 32.35

28.04.22 : Danielle Walker - Nostalgia : Factory Theatre
It's all the bat-sh!t crazy stuff her family gets up to. Basically to country folk it's everyday occurrences, but to everyone else it's some pretty weird stuff, eg, her grandfather digging his own grave when he's not dead, and then using the grave for a swimming pool. It's not one of those super laugh shows, but it still is very good, ie, super nice/sweet. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.75 - $ 25

27.04.22 : Dr Karl’s Fact vs Fiction : Seymour Centre
It started with Dr Karl showing the differences between science, pseudo-science, and deniers, ie, science fact based that self corrects, where as the others can just make any sh!t up. The rest was mainly about viruses and the paleo diet, ie, there is no paleo diet, because different areas of the planet had different diets, ie, you eat what you can find because food is scarce in the wild - you wonder why people die of hunger when they get lost in the bush, considering paleo is all around them lol. Some bits Dr Karl probably went too in-depth for a general audience, but overall it was good. 3.5 - $0

26.04.22 : David O'Doherty - whoa is me : Enmore Theatre
Opps, I stuffed that one up - lol -. To save the transaction fee I buy the ticket at the box-office on the night - transaction fees would add $200 to the $1K I spend per year at Century Venues -. Last time I got a good seat at the front, but unfortunately this time there were no good seats available - I've got long legs and a short trunk so I am too low in seats and can't see -, So I pocketed the $50 and left. The problem was on the way home I remembered that I got there late last time when they were releasing the unused complimentary seats near the front. Basically I got there too early this time rather than trying at the last minute. Oh well, them's the breaks.

26.04.22 : The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - movie
Action, Comedy, Crime : In this action-packed comedy, Nicolas Cage plays Nick Cage, channeling his iconic characters as he's caught between a superfan (Pedro Pascal) and a CIA agent (Tiffany Haddish).
I thought it would have been funnier, but the first half had enough amusing bits to make it ok. Unfortunately the second half turned into an unspectacular action film, ie, not funny, and that kind-of made it a bit uninteresting. They tried to add something quirky, ie, an imaginary younger Cage playing his ego, but they should've really kept up the stupid stuff in the 2nd half and it would've been better. 3 - $10

23.04.22 : Powerbomb Comedy at Staves Brewery : Staves Brewery
Eric Hutton(MC), Thomas Orr, Maddie Southall, Sath Nadesan, Gerard McGowan, David Woodhead, Guneet Kaur, Laura Coleman - list could be wrong because I'm not good with names/faces -
There was only one that was mild, with all the rest being good, and in fact you could see a few get better with all the practice of multiple appearances since the room started, ie, they didn't standout at the start of the year, but were natural/comfortable and on-fire tonight. There is a problem of repeats with a regular crowd, ie, they remember the jokes, but when they get good like that it seems like a new routine. I would like to see Eric do the old stuff - it's been a decade or two so no one's going to know it -, because the few times I've seen him lately he hasn't been as killa as back then. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.5 - $16 + $10

20.04.22 : Fern Brady - Autistic Bikini Queen : Comedy Store
There was a bit I remembered from somewhere - maybe Live at the Apollo - about her wanting to be unplugged if in a vegetate state. There was also stuff about her, strict Catholic upbringing, boyfriend, and being on the spectrum. Not laughtastic - could just be me -, but it was nice enough. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5 - $31.50

19.04.22 : Everything Everywhere All at Once - movie
Action, Adventure, Comedy : An ageing Chinese immigrant is swept up in an insane adventure, where she alone can save the world by exploring other universes connecting with the lives she could have led.
The trailer didn't look good at all, but because the Sci-Fi concept of switching characters from different universes looked interesting, I thought I would give it a chance. Well I think they needed to workshop it more so it's more coherent and obvious of the character swaps, ie, they use a head jerk rather than something like a flash of light, because it looked like a bunch of random scenes tenuously linked together. PS : It's better if you know this before seeing the movie, but the mechanism for the switch is, think of yourself in the other universe, do something weird/painful/disgusting/gross to shock yourself, and press the green button. It's also verging on surreal, and I don't like surreal because it's an easy get-out, ie, why think of a reason why something is happening when you can say a bagel did it. Basically the whole film feels like a art student project than a anything special. 2 - $0

13.04.22 : Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore - movie
Action, Adventure, Comedy : Albus Dumbledore assigns Newt and his allies with a mission related to the rising power of Grindelwald.
Long, slow, dark, depressing, and political, without much that is fun/interesting, eg, the first action/fun bit is over 1hr in, with the only other near the end. Harry Potter was cute and fun, this is basically like others in the series, ie, not compelling/interesting, so it becomes just another forgettable film. 2.75 - $10

09.04.22 : Powerbomb Comedy at Staves Brewery : Staves Brewery
Concetta Caristo(MC), Robyn Reynolds, Joe Shaffer, Bridget Hassed, Marty Bright, Ben Ellwood, Andrew Hastings - the posted list changed on the night, so some are missing/wrong -
Joe Shaffer and Ben "angriest comic in SYD" Ellwood were the best, with all the others being ok/decent except for one. I guess we kind-of wished it was funnier, but that's the level to expect for the price point($15). The problem is when you go to a new room you laugh more because of the novelty/first time excitement, but if you keep going to the same room, that wears out and it winds up standing on the laughs it produces, ie, a room gets a big crowd when it opens, but if it's not super funny the crowd will taper. To be fair the crowd was quiet tonight, which is expected due to the above, but it was kind-of ok. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3 - $16 + $10

08.04.22 : The Lost City - movie
Action, Adventure, Comedy : Two robbers steal an ambulance after their heist goes awry.
It has the same feel as the old Sandra Bullock comedies, eg, Miss Congeniality(2000), it's just that it's not as funny/good as them. Brad Pitt's 10min part was the best part of the film, ie, funniest, but overall it was fun-ish enough. 3 - $10

07.04.22 : Ambulance - movie
Action, Crime, Drama : Two robbers steal an ambulance after their heist goes awry.
I don't think anyone knew what the mess was, because it a total mishmash, ie, a Dog Day Afternoon(1975)/Fast & Furious with lame gags. If you're young you won't know enough to pick the dumb happenings, but for everyone else there was some pretty dumb happenings in front of the camera and behind. Basically it's shaky-cam, car crashes, and plenty of shooting to cover up that logically it's pretty dumb, eg, organising a party while being shot-at in a bank robbery. I found it annoying and a bit tedious. 2.75 - $9

05.04.22 : Dragon Friends Season 8 - Live D&D Comedy Show : Comedy Store
Got attacked by a plant. Got a red dragon egg. Talked to young, different dimension, Strad. And went far forward in time, without getting enough info to work out what's going on. There's no meat to get you truly engaged, so it was the same as last time, ie, hit-n-run d!ck jokes. If you look at the Beef Babes when Alex Lee started this very clever intricate protection racket thread, it was amazing because you had to think, but this one just horny plants, ie, funny enough, just not anything mentally stimulating for an audience. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5 - $25

04.04.22 : Morbius - movie
Action, Adventure, Horror : Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead.Not as good as the first Doctor Strange (2016).
Not as fun as the first Venom (2018). So it's somewhere behind those. Decent pacing between action and information, and couple to that it wasn't that long it didn't get any boring bits. It's ok. 3.5 - $10

26.03.22 : Powerbomb Comedy at Staves Brewery : Staves Brewery
I thought I wanted to go, but when I got there I wasn't in the mood - I was put in a bad seat and I wanted to leave -. I thought I would tough-out the first half and leave latter, but it turned out too good so I came round. It looks like they are not doing the lineup list anymore, probably because it's organised on the night, but there was Eric Hutton - he was ok -. Jenny Tian - I've been trying to see her for the last 2 years but she's always sold out, and who was good -. But it was the sound guy - can't remember his name - that ad-libed a set to fill in for a comic that didn't turn up that was crazy good. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5 - $16

23.03.22 : Self Care Comedy : Naked Comedy Productions live online
DeAnne Smith(MC), Jared Goldstein, Tessa Skara, Teresa Lee, Hannah Pilkes,
Last year I watched part of a show when it was free, and it was the usual for a online streaming comedy show, ie, mild. So I thought I would wait until it was at it's best, ie, with DeAnne Smith, before I would judge if it was worth watching, and it wasn't too bad. It's kind-of hard for a streaming comedy show when there is no audience, ie, no crowd laugh track, to be really funny, but this seemed a bit above the usual. 3.5 - $15

22.03.22 : Dog - movie
Comedy : Two former Army Rangers are paired against their will on the road trip of a lifetime. Briggs (Channing Tatum) and Lulu (a Belgian Malinois) race down the Pacific Coast to get to a fellow soldier's funeral on time.
They usually have a dog for cuteness and comedy, but this one they were for a serious angle, eg, suicide, mental illness, trauma, etc, so it was no fun at all. 2 - $10

22.03.22 : Suspiciously Cheap - March 21st - Streaming Tickets : NextUpComedy online
MC Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Maisie Adam, Tarot, Leila Navabi, Phil Wang,
I was hoping it would be funnier with more Pro type comics, but it was mild. Phil was kind-of ok, but if it's not super funny I don't really react. At least it's no effort doing the online thing, except for the 6am start - lol -. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3 - $11

12.03.22 : Powerbomb Comedy at Staves Brewery : Staves Brewery
Suren Jayemanne(MC), Becky Lucas, Laura Coleman, Stephanie Broadbridge, Chloe Maddren, Aaron Chen, Luke Joseph Ryan, Cameron Duggan, Andrew Hastings.
Aaron was very good, but Luke was amazing when he riffed his whole set using everything in the room. Overall the whole night was good. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5 - $16

11.03.22 : Off the Rails - movie
Romance , Comedy : Three fifty-something women set out to repeat the European inter-railing adventures of their youth, after their close friend passes away leaving them rail tickets, and a final request: to take her teenage daughter with them.
It's one of those mild, little, nice films, without anything outstanding. It's pretty predictable/contrived, ie, a boat conveniently parked to sail the required distance, but it's ok enough. 2.75 - $10

10.03.22 : Book of Love - movie
Romance , Comedy : Two writers thrown together on a book tour in Mexico.
It's a nothing movie. ie, you would never miss it if you never saw it. The major problems is that it's not interesting, just like the book in the movie - lol -, and when the whole story is given to you in the written description before you get there, there just isn't any surprises. No magic in this romance. 2 - $10

09.03.22 : Dragon Friends Season 8 - Live D&D Comedy Show : Comedy Store
It's hard to tell how things are going from the first episode, ie, the season usually starts slow, but this one was exactly like last season. The story also continues on from last season. All the other seasons, except for the last, had a lot of story, ie, intrigue, mystery, tasks, double-crosses, battles, etc, but last season it switched to less story and a lot more simple riffing. The story based ones did have side riffs, but those usually had more substance, eg, in one season they had to get to the top floor of a casino, but it got side-tracked into this wonderful riff of getting one million dollars, and that all being bet on a roulette spin. This episode was more along the lines of simple gags, eg, how should a virgin should make love d!ck jokes. It's kind-of still funny, but it wasn't as intricate as some of the others. You can always tell how good this show is by the audience laughs, and the audience laughed a bit in the first half, slumped a bit in the middle of the second, and laughed a bit at the end. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5 - $25

09.03.22 : Stand Up for Ukraine : The Comedy Store(UK) - NextUpComedy live stream
Sarah Keyworth(MC), Joe Lycett, Nina Conti, James Acaster, Nish Kumar, Sindhu Vee, Alistair Barrie, Olga Koch, Dimitri Bakanov
Nina Conti was brilliant, ie, it's like she has turrets, and it's the randomness that I like. Nish Kumar was unusually political, ie, he's usually the nice guy, that doesn't do confronting stuff. Those were the standouts, but even the rest were good. Pro shows are way better, which should be obvious because it's the same at live show. I've seen the small shows on NextUp and they weren't that good, but I wanted to see how a Pro show would translate in a stream - I'm still contemplating buying a subscription to NextUp -, and it seems to be quite decent. Doing Zoom live-streams with people at home doesn't seem to work that well, but streaming a show with a live audience is actually a decent option if you can't go to a show. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.75 - $21.10

08.03.22 : The Batman - movie
Action, Crime, Drama : When the Riddler, a sadistic serial killer, begins murdering key political figures in Gotham, Batman is forced to investigate the city's hidden corruption and question his family's involvement.
It's the usual dark and brooding, but it's done differently, so it feels different, ie, they used more atmospheric visuals to portray more of a dark/hopeless feel. Coupled to the mystery that was the Riddler, it made it quite interesting for the full length. Could of done without the current trend of the superhero being the bad guy in the public eye, ie, somehow fighting criminals to save innocents is what proves he is a public menace, but overall it was quite good. 3.75 - $10

28.02.22 : Uncharted - movie
Action, Adventure : Street-smart Nathan Drake is recruited by seasoned treasure hunter Victor "Sully" Sullivan to recover a fortune amassed by Ferdinand Magellan, and lost 500 years ago by the House of Moncada.
It's not even close to the old mystery treasure adventure movies, ie, it's not intricate/clever or that much fun. It's ok if you want a very dumbed-down second rate treasure film. 2.75 - $10

15.02.22 : Blacklight - movie
Action, Thriller : Travis Block is a government operative coming to terms with his shadowy past. When he discovers a plot targeting U.S. citizens, Block finds himself in the crosshairs of the FBI director he once helped protect.
Nowhere near as good as his intriguing thrillers, eg, The Commuter (2018), Non-Stop (2014), but miles ahead of the boring The Marksman (2021). It's ok. 2.75 - $10

11.02.22 : Marry Me - movie
Comedy, Music, romance : Music superstars Kat Valdez and Bastian are getting married before a global audience of fans. But when Kat learns, seconds before her vows, that Bastian has been unfaithful, she decides to marry Charlie, a stranger in the crowd, instead.
It's at the PG level, ie, mild, simplistic, and nothing outstanding, but it's ok. Probably because it was a lot of the same thing, but I wished it was shorter. 2.75 - $10

10.02.22 : Jackass Forever - movie
Documentary, Action, Comedy : After 20 years, the Jackass crew is back for their final crusade.
I wished they played more pranks on each other, because that was funnier than the stunts. I remember I didn't like one of the movies because it was too violent, ie, it sucks the humour out of the stunt, but this one only had one so it wasn't too bad. It's ok, but I feel it's on it's last legs, ie, we've kind-of seen it all before 3.5 - $10

07.02.22 : Moonfall - movie
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi : A mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it.
It's a modernised, cr@p, B-grade disaster movie, ie, moronic Armageddon(1998). I could handle the dumbness of the main story, the the side story of "family getting to safety" was grating, ie, it went from a 3 to a 2. These days when I see HB Brothers, ie, China/Hollywood, at the start, it feels like it's synonymous for dumb. I don't mind dumb action, but this was too dumb and janky. 2 - $10

04.02.22 : The King's Man - movie
Action, Adventure, Thriller : In the early years of the 20th century, the Kingsman agency is formed to stand against a cabal plotting a war to wipe out millions.
The Kingsman films haven't been anything special, but this WWI history based realistic film is even more of a drag. The franchise is supposed to be a fun secret agent action film, but some bright spark tried to portray the futility of war in gritty realism, and that killed all the fun out of this movie. To show how un-fun it was, they killed a main character in an ironically pointless realistic WWI trench scene, and on top of that, the first bit of fun/crazy action only happened 20min from the end. What a total un-fun drag. 2

02.02.22 : Comedy Knockout at Backyard Comedy Club : NextUpComedy online
All the newbie comic competition shows have problems - RAW doesn't have enough laughs for such a long show so it gets fatiguing -, and I guess these competitors are used to this format, but from the outside it is a bit weird. First round(1hr) is 12 comics doing 2min each, but battling in pairs with an applaud-off to pick who goes through. Break(¼hr). Second(½hr) round is the 6 qualifiers doing 2½ min. Break(¼hr). Third(½hr) is the 3 qualifiers plus one of the losing competitors, that was picked by the audience, doing 5min each. Problems :- Too many breaks make the show quite long at 2½ hours. The first round has such short sets (2min) that most didn't know how to start fast, ie, they didn't do much. You see the same comic multiple times, ie, some had three goes. Overall it suffers the same problem as most newbie nights, ie, not enough laughs. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3 - $12

01.02.22 : Suspiciously Cheap - January 31st - Streaming Tickets : NextUpComedy online
MC Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Darren Harriott, Fatiha El-Ghorri, Tarot, Sara Barron, Steen Raskopoulos
The whole comedy landscape has changed in Sydney, ie, I might not be able to participate anymore, so I thought I would try one of the better online streaming comedy nights from the UK as a look at the future. I wanted to see one of their big pro comedy shows, but I couldn't get a straight answer on how it was going to be streamed so I tried a cheap night as a test - they send a code and you make an account to login and watch -. New material nights are hit-and-miss, ie, the jokes aren't proven to actually be funny so might fall flat, and it's hard to watch comedy at 6am, but even considering all that it felt below par - not boring bad, more disappointed there was nothing to laugh at. I've seen Kiri, Darren, Sara, and they were good in other shows, but tonight they were very mild, and in fact the only shining light was Steen at the end that was genuinely funny. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3 - $12

23.01.22 : The Running Joke Digital Comedy Club - Omicron Edition : online
Daniel Muggleton(MC),
Bec Melrose [Question Everything, Tonightly with Tom Ballard]
Rohan Ganju [Gocsy's Classics, Comedy Central]
Dan Rath [MICF Best Newcomer Nominee 2019]
I think the honeymoon is over, ie, the novelty is gone. It's wasn't super funny, but now that they are repeating the lineup from 5 months ago it makes it even less funny due to people remembering the jokes - this happened at the Oatley Hotel because of the repeating lineup -. With only 18 viewers, down from 35 last week, I don't see this continuing much further. It WAS ok for $10, but I don't think it is now. 2.5 - $11

16.01.22 : The Running Joke Digital Comedy Club - Omicron Edition : online
Daniel Muggleton(MC),
Lizzy Hoo [Australia Debates, Oxfam Gala]
Pernille Haaland [West End, BBC, BBC3]
Mel Buttle [Bake Off Australia, The Project]
Online is probably always going to have the problem that's it's not going to be as funny, ie, hardly any audience laugh-track, but it was ok. 3.25 - $11

12.01.22 : The Matrix Resurrections - movie
Action, Sci-Fi : Return to a world of two realities: one, everyday life; the other, what lies behind it. To find out if his reality is a construct, to truly know himself, Mr. Anderson will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more.
If you want a different story that continues the lore, it's ok, but if you want an action film to the level of the others, it's not the same, ie, it's mainly slow moving story without the increditable/memorable dramatic action scenes. Basically the old ones did more with less, ie, they used less people, carefully choreographed each action movement, and filmed it at an angle that made it very dramatic. This one was just mass swarms with nothing that stood-out. The story is ok, but I could've done without the Forth Wall stuff, ie, he is a game developer writing the 4th game of his Matrix series. It's ok, but I would rank it at the bottom with the 3rd. 3.5 - $10
PS, did anyone notice Neo has the same name as the MySpace founder Tom Anderson - lol -.

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Comedy & Movie Reviews 2021

 Woof-o-meter :-
0-Die Bastard : 1-Crap : 2-Rubbish(watchable) : 3-OK : 3.5-Nice : 4-Good : 4.5-Very Good : 5-WOW

Other Movies seen, but at home - Other Movies

09.01.22 It's probably me just being pessimistic, but things don't look good for live comedy in Sydney.
Standup has been in decline. In the old days there was a lot of pubs doing live standup, now I don't think there is more than 3 if that.
Giant Dwarf closed. Even after the move GD wasn't the same, because most of the regular, ie, Project52, stuff moved away.
Roxbury Hotel closed. This was the hub before GD, but now most of the troupes doing shows there disappeared.
Most of the Project52 shows stopped or moved away from GD. They got married and don't have the time, and there is nothing as prolific to fill in the comedy gap. 
These-days I practically only have the SCF and two Project52 shows left, ie, maybe 40 shows a year.
I live with very old people, so I'm kind-of stuck at home because bringing the virus home could kill them even though everyone is vaccinated.
This blog gets about 1 view every 3.5 days, so there is not much incentive to keep going.
Sorry to be a downer.

19.12.21 : Powerbomb Comedy at Staves Brewery : Staves Brewery
Don't try to ride-out a slight headache, ie, pop a pill and stop suffering, because by the time I got there I felt pretty bad and uncomfortable with the heat. That being said I don't think the first half was as good as last week, but thankfully the second half was better so I was able to tough it out. As a point of interest, we had guys from Melb who unfortunately did material we knew nothing about, ie, we didn't know why it was supposed to be funny, and that reminds me of when I saw Rose Matafeo, in that I also didn't laugh because I knew nothing about what she was referencing, and that kind-of tells you a bit about how comedy works, ie, it's dependant on the crowd knowing stuff. Crowd : 4 - Me : na

16.12.21 : Spider-Man: No Way Home - movie
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi : With Spider-Man's identity now revealed, Peter asks Doctor Strange for help. When a spell goes wrong, dangerous foes from other worlds start to appear, forcing Peter to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man. 
Because it's confusing, the quick rundown is that all the old villains from different Spider-man universes are drawn into the current universe.
I couldn't get into the last one - I don't even remember it -, and this was even more removed because it relies on you remembering all the details in every Spider-man film ever made starting from Spider-Man (2002). The problem was that I barely remember any of the old films yet alone what actually happened in them, so I couldn't get involved, and in fact it was so bad I only remembered 2 of the 5 villains so I had no idea even what their superpowers were. Maybe you'll have better luck, ie, a better memory. 3 

13.12.21 : Dear Evan Hansen - movie
Comedy, Musical : Film adaptation of the Tony and Grammy Award-winning musical about Evan Hansen, a high school senior with Social Anxiety disorder and his journey of self-discovery and acceptance following the suicide of a fellow classmate.
It's nice enough, but there are numerous reality disconnects. I was glad I researched it because I would've had trouble with the subject matter, ie, suicide, but I shouldn't have worried because making it a musical kills any seriousness it would usually have. I can see why they picked that actor, ie, he sings very well, but he kind-of looks too old for the part, ie, a disconnect - a wig covering his forehead would've made him look younger -, and every-time there is a dramatic point they break into song, and that disconnects again. By half way the disconnect fade, but by then you workout what's going to happen and it again detracts from the film. It's ok. 2.75 

11.12.21 : Free to A Good Home : Comedy Store
It was way better live. I know this was a special one, with special guests Demi Lardner, Matt Okine and Tom Walker, but I've started listening to the podcasts and I'm hearing a lot of laughing, but I can't fathom WHY they are laughing, ie, it's not that funny. Maybe they're liquored - lol -. Like with all the current pods, everyone has agendas other than the classifieds, ie, snack report, what's happened recently, etc, so don't expect too much of them, but overall it was pretty good. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.75

10.12.21 : Don't Look Up - movie
Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi : Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.
Definitely worth watching, because it's such a WTF weird/different type comedy. It does the ironic thing, but not subtle irony, more clandestine irony, and the main mechanism is that everyone is so self obsessed with their social popularity they do the opposite of what they say. As a sampler, the President needlessly sends a hero to his death just to gain points in the polls. I can't say I laughed that much, but if you were there you would've never heard that many WTF in a film. Good/interesting/different. 3.5 

09.12.21 : Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City - movie
Action, Horror, Sci-Fi : Set in 1998, this origin story explores the secrets of the mysterious Spencer Mansion and the ill-fated Raccoon City.
It's pretty bad/boring. I love the original Alice-timeline movie series, because Alice is such a strong kick-ass hero with special skills, ie, someone to root for. This is some prequel with no central character, just a bunch of nobodies in another boring zombie movie. 1 

08.12.21 : Dragon Friends Yulemas Special : Comedy Store
Last year's Yulemas special was so good I paid the $5.50 booking fee this year so I wouldn't miss out, but in the end it was probably the least entertaining(worse one), which isn't saying much because 5 of the 7 YS's have been pretty average, ie, it's the norm. Yulemas specials and one-shots are hit and miss, because there is never going to be enough time to do intricate or detailed long term scenarios, so it's just simple stuff forced forward. The other negative is Dungeon Dave doesn't do the DMing, and he's the only one who knows how to heighten the excitement and intricacy and push stuff along. The whole story was the Dragon Friends visiting different characters from the DF universe for Yulemas, ie, no story, with the hope of the cast riffing something in the interaction to make it funny. Well the crowd was pretty silent, meaning it wasn't that funny, and I was getting pretty sleepy/bored by the 45th min. The first half ended with Celebrity Head, ie, the cast had to guess the character name stuck the their head with yes no questions, and that kind-of woke me up a bit because I found it actually funny. The start of the second half was just as dull, and was thinking of leaving, but then it slowly got funny - I was so out-of-it at this stage it took a while to stop yawing and start concentrating -, so it kind-of ended with a laughing crowd. It reminds me of The Gribbits Detective Agency, ie, poorly planed and disjointed, but at least Yulemas has the excuse of being one single 2hr show. I don't think it was a very good one, but that's kind-of par for the course for this series. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 2.75

04.12.21 : Powerbomb Comedy at Staves Brewery : Staves Brewery
Bec Charlwood (MC), Andrew Barnett, Suren Jayamanne, John Cruckshank, Tom Walker, Tom Cashman, Alex Jae, Elouise Eftos
It's a nice little room, ie, very cosy sold-out 50 crowd+comics, and it uses the fast 8 comics doing short sets, ie, it doesn't get boring even it they aren't great. It might be because I haven't been to one of these for 2 years, but it was very nice. Crowd : 4.25 - Me : 3.75

02.12.21 : Dune - movie
Action, Adventure, Drama : Feature adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel, about the son of a noble family entrusted with the protection of the most valuable asset and most vital element in the galaxy. 
I thought they would've jazzed it up, ie, added more action, because Dune (1984) was so long and dull that I don't even remember what is was about. Basically it's a long slow religion based political drama, set in space so the spaceships and worms add filler to distract you from the dull nature of it - I don't classify this as Sci-Fi. because there isn't any science in it -. This time I was able to pay attention, so now know the story, but I don't think I could handle the second movie. 2.5 

25.11.21 : Venom: Let There Be Carnage - movie
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi : Eddie Brock attempts to reignite his career by interviewing serial killer Cletus Kasady, who becomes the host of the symbiote Carnage and escapes prison after a failed execution. 
The wise-cracking Venom is fun, and it's short so everything is packed close together, the only annoyance is that they gave away the story in the trailer. Not as good a the first, but it ok to watch, ie, not that memorable. 3.5 

19.11.21 : Theatresports Unmasked : Factory Theatre
There were tickets when I left, but it sold-out when I got there.

11.11.21 : No Time to Die - movie
Action, Adventure, Thriller : James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.
It seems better then usual, which might be because there seems to be more action than usual, but it's that kind-of nondescript action that you forget instantly, ie, I only remember the cool Casino Royal and the boring sentimental death of M movie, all the rest I don't remember at all. Maybe good. 3.5 

10.11.21 : Dragon Friends Season 7 - Live D&D Comedy Show : Comedy Store
It was good, the place was packed, and they kept the Bum-centric character names to a minimum - they went stir-crazy in the last 6eps due to the 6mth lock-down and started giving every new character a rude toilet-humour name -. I can't say it's the worse season of DF, because there isn't a bad season of DF - unlike Gribbits -, lets just say it's less intricate. It started off intricate with a mysterious time-travelling problem, but the second half of the season was more basic/simplistic - probably lock-down related. Crowd : 4 - Me : 4

05.11.21 : Red Notice - movie
Action, Comedy, Crime : An Interpol agent tracks the world's most wanted art thief.
I don't know why people were complaining, because it's a fun movie. It's the "unlikely buddy story", but because there is more to the story than usual, and it's always travelling, it keeps you interested every minute, ie, no slow spots. Good. 3.75 

04.11.21 : Eternals - movie
Action, Adventure, Drama : It's different, but I wished it was more conventional.
The story is something different, ie, the Eternals existence is not that of heroes, but the long slow dull middle needed the usual mid point action filler to stop the movie losing energy. It's fine, just be aware there is a big slow bit - it might just be me because I lose focus easily -. 3.5 

03.11.21 : The Suicide Squad - movie
Action, Adventure, Comedy : Supervillains Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and a collection of nutty cons at Belle Reve prison join the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X as they are dropped off at the remote, enemy-infused island of Corto Maltese.
When you watch 100 movies a year it get tedious when it's just repeats of the same story/scenarios, but this is different because they purposely mix-it-up to make things unexpected. Basically it's kind-of like Improv that starts with a regular scene and someone introduces a weird direction that is unexpected, eg, introduce a supposedly main character at the start and kill him 10min latter. The 1st half is good unexpected/weird out-come to situations, but the 2nd half is a bit weird/lame, ie, like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters(1984). It's probably not the best of the franchise - maybe equal to the 2nd -, but it kept me interested. 3.5 

01.11.21 : Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - movie
Action, Adventure, Fantasy : Shang-Chi, the master of weaponry-based Kung Fu, is forced to confront his past after being drawn into the Ten Rings organisation.
It's like every aspect of the film aims for a minimum pass-mark rather than any sort of a decent grade, ie, like a cheap knockoff of something better. It didn't look good from the start with the average choreography in the fight scene, by half way I was yawing from boredom due to the usual slow fillers to make the minimum 2hr Asian film time limit, and by the time it got to the exciting CGI last third I had lost interest and was just waiting for it to end. The averageness made me lose all interest. 2.75 

26.10.21 : Lunchbox Science with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki : USyd online
I think I've seen too many of these, because there was a lot of repeats, ie, there is only one or two live shows per year, but online you can get the same show a number of times. It's good - see reviews below -, it's just that I seen most of it. NA.

08.10.21 : The Running Joke Digital Comedy Club : online
Daniel Muggleton(MC), Sam Taunton, Rohan Ganju, Sarah Gaul, 
This is the 2nd last show, and even though it's not super funny it's still sad that it is ending, ie, it's better watching something that isn't great at home rather than going to the effort of going out and seeing something that isn't very good. Rohan was good, but he forgot to turn up the mic when it was his turn - everyone has to turn their mic down to 30% at the start -. Sarah is back again, but thankfully she had a good new song. A few points off because of the mic stuff, ie, couldn't hear the best part. 2.75 

01.10.21 : The Running Joke Digital Comedy Club : online
Daniel Muggleton(MC), Pierre Novellie, Laura Davis, Cam Knight
With semi pro comics it looked good on paper, and it was better than last week, but overall it wasn't as good as I expected. The semi-pros are good on stage, but they seemed to under perform tonight, and it fact it was the unknown 1st comic(Pierre Novellie) that I found best. Better than last week, ie, ok. 3.5

24.09.21 : The Running Joke Digital Comedy Club : online
Daniel Muggleton(MC), Helen Bauer, Josh Glanc, Chris Ryan
The last comic was ok, but overall it wasn't one of the funny ones. Ok. 2.5

22.09.21 : The Gribbits Detective Agency S02E01 : Twitch online
It travels so slow - 1 hour to find out someone wife is missing -, it's like there is no story. This is not as bad as the 2nd season of Tomb of Annihilation, but this whole series of GDA has been a write-off, ie, disjointed, not much happening, not funny. I'll play solitaire to pass the time while listening to it, and break it into 2 parts because 1hr is all I can stand in one sitting. Dull 2

17.09.21 : The Running Joke Digital Comedy Club : online
Daniel Muggleton(MC), Michael Shafar, Pernille Haaland, Dan Rath
I don't know if I'm getting used to these online comedy shows, ie, less picky, or this one is just more organised, ie, more microphone adjustment reminders at the start and regulars that know the mic procedures, but it I found it rather good. 3.5

11.09.21 : Online Comedy Club : online
Simon Taylor(MC), Floyd Alexander-Hunt, Diana Nguyen, Tommy Dean
It was good, it's just that it's missing the laugh track. You can't win, one week the crowd was too loud and disruptive, the next week it lacks atmosphere because there isn't much audience laugh-track, and the problem is Zoom is not designed for performances. Zoom is made for conversations where people talk to each other at equal volumes, but for performances you need a mod with a global volume setting that can cut everyone else down to 10db. I tried to help by connecting a mic, and I made sure it wasn't too loud by turning the mic down(20%) and testing it in Zoom Test, but I got muted 1st oooh(my noise at a risky joke). I'll try the mic one more time at 10%, but if that gets muted I can't help any more. 3.5 

05.09.21 : Online Comedy Club : online
Simon Taylor(MC), Kirsty Webeck, Suren Jayemanne, Sarah Gaul
Even though the sound was ok for this week, I think the bad sound from last week put people off because only 62 people turned up. Not super, but it's fun enough. 3.25

02.09.21 : More Power to You: Charging Ahead w/ Better Energy Storage & a Smarter Grid : Pacific Northwest National Laboratory online
They didn't send a Zoom link.
PS: Even though I asked for a link they never posted anything.

01.09.21 : Music of the stars with Dr Emily Brunsden : Open University Space Society online
I wake up at 4am to Zoom this, and the stupid service provider decides to do maintenance and cuts the internet. 
PS: I found this talk from 1 year ago, and it's very interesting. Stars pulsate in waves like a musical instrument, ie, in a regular fashion - it's actually more like a wobbly jelly that continues for millions/billions of years -, and from that they can tell much more about the star's size, age, composition, etc. 
                                               Music of the stars with Dr Emily Brunsden

28.08.21 : Online Comedy Club : online
Simon Taylor(MC), Chris Ryan, Daniel Muggleton, Bev Killick.
It's like herding cats when you have 220 people that don't know how to work a microphone. I've only watched 2 Zoom comedy home streams, and there seems to be a fundamental problem with them. You need an audience laugh track to get the live feel, but the problem is that you can't guarantee the quality, ie, Zoom is not made for a performance that is not controlled by a theatre sound tech. Zoom is fine when the stream is from a professional live venue with an audience, due to the sound tech, but when it's from home, people can talk over the comic and drown out the jokes. The quick solution is guarantee the comics are the loudest, ie, to turn their mics to max, but on this occasion all the comics mic volume was pretty low - I practically couldn't hear anything Bev Killick said -. It's ok, but it's 1 point off for me because of the sound. 2.5

27.08.21 : Astronomy Lecture - Search for Life Outside the Solar System : University of California online
Basically there is nearly no chance of finding intelligent life, but there is a chance that we might be able to see the chemicals from microbial life. I saw a doco recently on something similar that was better, and it was pretty much, if you have the right chemicals, in the right conditions, and enough time - the universe has plenty of time -, it can form basic life. It was pretty much stuff that I have heard a couple of times before. A repeat for me. 2.5

22.08.21 : Pub Trivia Served With A Side Of Science : National Science Week online
Didn't get many right, but it was fun. 3.5

22.08.21 : 7 Decades in 7 Days – Propelled by Science: The future of energy : NSW online
I got my times wrong and couldn't find it because no link was send, so I missed half of it. I think the first half was about reducing greenhouse gasses in mining and manufacturing, eg, smelting metals, and the second half was about nuclear reactors. From what I saw it was ok. 3.5 
PS: I saw the first half and it was about reducing emissions when processing metals.

22.08.21 : Disordered Cosmos with Chanda Prescod-Weinstein : National Science Week online
It was mainly talking to the author about her book, rather than what is in the book. This was more about being a minority in science, reaction to the book, etc, ie, not hard/technical science. Basically I like technical stuff, but delivered in an easily digestible simple form. I quit halfway, because it wasn't really for me. 1

20.08.21 : Significant Figures - Newcastle : National Science Week online
Printable solar panels and printable saliva tests, eg, for diabetes testing. This was more my field, ie, mechanical engineering, so I found it good. 3.5 
                                                      Significant Figures - Newcastle

20.08.21 : Passing the test: How solar energy tech is helping to detect COVID : NSW online
Nanoparticles are used to separate the RNA and DNA from the junk in a COVID swab - the junk clogs the testing machine -, and the government wanted to ensure a supply of non-imported nanoparticles so they asked scientists if they can make it here. They asked one group that was making  nanoparticles to embed in glass windows to turn them into solar panels, which they worked out and how to make them in large quantities. The nanoparticles are iron coated in glass which sticks to the RNA and DNA, and then they just get a magnet and pull them out of solution. 3.5

20.08.21 : Mid-Afternoon Masterclass: Vaccine development - then and now : NSW online
Pretty much as the title suggests. I didn't know there was so many different ways to make vaccines. The first ones used weak live viruses, then dead deactivated viruses, then sections of the virus's RNA, etc. 3.25  
                               Mid-Afternoon Masterclass: Vaccine development - then and now

19.08.21 : Pandemics: Past, present, and future : National Science Week online
Don't watch it, because it's fricken depressing. The worse part is with the advent of cheap CRISPR DNA modification machines, a nut job with a $1500 can make a lethal virus that could wipe out everyone. It's was just basically a discussion with bad news after bad news, eg, children's hospitals over flowing with cases, etc. 1
                                                 Pandemics – Past, Present And Future

19.08.21 : Significant Figures - Wollongong : National Science Week online
The mystery guest works on radiation protection for humans, eg, solar flare radiation protection for astronauts, checking machines accuracy in radiation therapy. 3.25
                                                    Significant Figures - Wollongong

19.08.21 : National Science Quiz 2021 : National Science Week online
It was good, but I thought some of the questions were kind-of common knowledge, ie, most of the panel didn't know about liquefaction, yet I did. I guess it wasn't so much the questions, but the panels workings compared to the detailed explanation. Like they asked if you ride a bike does, A: the front wheel make more revolutions, B: the rear wheel make more revolutions, or, C: both the same. I went with, there is more weight on the rear wheel so it squashes and makes a smaller radius - tyres growing due to centripetal force is common in motor racing -, but the explanation was that you turn the handle bars more to keep balance, so it has to cover more distance as it's serpentining all over the place. They showed a guy ride a bike 1km and the front travelled 17m more, but they didn't show if the tyres had equal circumference - in oval racing they purposely use larger diameter tyres on the outside, and it's called stagger. Charlie Pickering made it fun, so it was still ok. 3.5 
                                                         National Science Quiz 2021

18.08.21 : Australia’s Next Volcanic Eruption with Volcanologist Heather Handley : National Science Week Sutherland Shire Libraries online
There are 1000's of volcanoes in Australia, and that's just on the East Coast. All the coloured dots in the pic below are volcanoes, with the red ones in QLD and VIC erupting around 5000 years ago, ie, around the time when the pyramids were being built. There are about 400 volcanoes in VIC(small pic lower left), that are still considered active and could blow anytime within the next 5000 years. One of the biggest volcanoes in the world is at Tweed Heads, and it erupted about 20 million years ago and kept going for 3 million years. The Tweed Heads one is so old it has been eroded flat with the ground, ie, like a flat cross section, and exposed the centre vertical tubes, etc. Super interesting. 4
                                Australia’s next volcanic eruption with Heather Handley

17.08.21 : Significant Figures - Wagga Wagga : National Science Week online
The mystery guest was a Parasitologists(parasite scientist). I couldn't hear the scientist that well with my damaged ears - her room was echoey -, but the addition of a comic, ie, Skinny Brigsey, ie, Dane Simpson, made it more fun. I thought I would get bored with watching another, ie, the novelty of a first time is gone, but I kind-of liked this one better. 3.5
                                                Significant Figures - Wagga Wagga

17.08.21 : Lunchbox Science with Professor David Alais : National Science Week online
The sub title is pretty explanatory, ie, Faces in clouds: why our brains see human faces everywhere. Not super technical so I pretty much knew most of it, but it was ok. 3

16.08.21 : Science Space brings you Ask Dr Karl : National Science Week(NSW) online
Dr Karl did a shorter version of his usual preliminary talk with some new stuff, but overall it was a repeat of yesterday. But the major part was the audience Q&A. 3.5

15.08.21 : Dr Karl - Great Moments In Science : NSW - Discover Parramatta online
Well that was a write-off, ie, the stream would run for 5sec, and then freeze for 5min. They should've gone with Youtube, because I've always had bandwidth problems with Vimeo. Hopefully we will get a vid latter.
PS : They put up the vid, and it's quite good. 4
You know how Big Tobacco did all the research into the health problems with tobacco and then covered it up, and the scientist that was struck off the registrar for fabricating the the figures in a scientific paper that linked vaccines and autism, well Big Oil did all the research in the 70's-80's and proved Global Warming, and then back flipped in the 90's and started spending $B on ads and politicians to to deny it. It doesn't really matter now because renewable's are ramping up exponentially, because it just plain more profitable.
                                 Dr Karl’s ‘Great Moments in Science’ talk from Sun 15 August.

14.08.21 : Significant Figures - Sydney : National Science Week(NSW) online
It's kind-of like a game show where 3 scientists try to workout the field of study of a mystery guest in 21 questions. After that the guest is revealed as studying fungus, ie, Rust fungus - I guessed fungus or algae - it progresses to semi technical questions from the scientist's field, eg, what does the acronym SNP mean in biology - single nucleotide polymorphism -. It wasn't as serious/technical as the SNP question implies because there was mucking around and having fun. Cool. 3.25
                                                     Significant Figures Sydney

09.07.21 : Virtual Trivia with the Drag Kings : Giant Dwarf live-stream
I'm not going to know the answers because it's "Zussh" based, ie, style/fashion, but it was still ok. Also I wasn't able to see the questions, but that was probably my fault, ie, maybe you have to join the game or use the full Zoom app - I used the plain browser window link -. Crowd : na - Me : 3

30.07.21 : Because there is so many d!cks running around this outbreak will probably last till Xmas.
15.08.21 : Looks like I'm going to be right, ie, lasts till Xmas. It's easy to predict if you understand how reported cases work. Basically "reported" cases lag behind reality, so when you see a statistic, it's under estimated, eg, 10 cases get reported, but those 10 people were running around for 3-7 days before they were tested and reported, so in that time they passed it on to another 5 people, per day, each, ie, 150 people.

22.06.21 : Win The Week: Ep1 - 22th June - studio recording : ABC Ultimo
Andrew Denton, Nina Oyama, Craig Reucassel. Not super, but I don't mind watching it live. Overall I feel it has short-comings. Basically it just doesn't feel that tight/quickfire/intense - the edit might fix it -, and there doesn't seem to be enough questions, ie, the quick fire round has 5 questions, and the picture round has 2 pictures each. Basically it's hard to catch up in points when there isn't much on offer. 
I guess that will be the last one I'm going to. I would go to all of them, because it's better than staying home, but it's such a PITA when they don't want to setup the manual COVID app, ie, you have to check-in 4 times. Cinemas and Clubs are very slick with manual COVID because they have a decent patronage that don't have smart phones, but places that only cater for young crowds are not very friendly for people who can't afford new phones, ie, basically it's not worth the cost when you make 1 phone call and 20 txt a year, and most venues account for a lack of them. 3
PS : The edit made the TV transmission very good, ie, fast paced. We did lose a lot of gags/mucking around because the 2hr recording was cut to 30min, so if you want to see the rude/non-PC stuff go to the recording.
                                                     ABC Presents WIN THE WEEK

17.06.21 : Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase - ENCORE : Comedy Store
After the guy at the door was confused by manual COVID check-in, something cinemas and other venues have figured out, he said they were sold out. Century Venues is the worse for manual check-in, and I reckon he was too lazy to figure out manual COVID check-in so was not letting in people without QR phones. I was going to make this a regular thing like I used to do, but I guess I'll pocket the hundreds of $'s I was planing to spend here.

17.06.21 : Fast & Furious 9 - movie
Action, Adventure : Cipher enlists the help of Jakob, Dom's younger brother to take revenge on Dom and his team.
This movie is memorable, because it's even less memorable that all the other instantly forgettable movies in this franchise. No one remembers where the characters stories are up too in this franchise, yet the first 2/3 of it is filling in the details of past timelines that no one is interested in. The last 1/3 is mindless action, which was a massive improvement over the boring 2/3 that was sentimental emotional family feelings stuff. I don't even know why Vin is in this film, because they puts way more emphasis on all the side characters - they even added more in this film -, to the point that there was lucky to be 30min of Vin screen-time, ie, there was no lead actor in this movie. 1.5

14.06.21 : Godzilla vs. Kong - movie
SciFi, Action : Kong and his protectors undertake a perilous journey to find his true home. 
You can guess from the title it's not going to be a sane movie. Stupid but not totally lame, ie, insane premises, but without totally lame dialogue. Something is always happening so it's not boring, so if you leave your brain at the door it's decent. 2.5

11.06.21 : Hitman's Wife’s Bodyguard - movie
Action, Comedy : The bodyguard Michael Bryce continues his strained relationship with assassin Darius Kincaid as they try to save Darius's wife Sonia.. 
The comedy feels a bit try-hard/forced, but that could be because I have to wear earplugs and can't hear every gag - I need earplugs to stop the pain of loud noises -. It was ok, but for me it doesn't really jell and is a bit contrived, ie, the usual squeal problems. 2.75

10.06.21 : Becky Lucas’ Acknowledgements : Giant Dwarf Theatre
If Becky Lucas married a Taylor, she could call herself BLT. You would think 32 is too young to write a biography, but it's actually assembled life stories. The first 1 hour was about the book, ie, interesting/funny stories from here life, but the bonus 20 min was non related talking, ie, not as interesting. Nothing outstanding but ok to watch. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.5

10.06.21 : Dream Horse - movie
Drama, Sport : Dream Alliance is an unlikely race horse bred by small-town Welsh bartender Jan Vokes. With no experience, Jan convinces her neighbours to chip in their meagre earnings to help raise Dream in the hopes he can compete with the racing elites. 
If you don't mine simple, it's quite a nice little film. 3.5

09.06.21 : Dragon Friends Season 7 - Live D&D Comedy Show : Comedy Store
I don't know if it's me unable to concentrate anymore, ie, getting old, or whether the show is less intricate. Basically it feels like cheap gags instead of convoluted happenings that make you use your brain. I've noticed a thing where humans remember the intense moments, and when it's not as intense it feels like less, ie, a disappointment. But then if you watch it a second time, you now like it because you now know the laugh level, ie, what to expect. Like one season of Cats Does Countdown seemed very disappointing, but I watched it again latter and it was quite good, and wondered why I thought it was bad. Just as another human trait that influences your decisions. Some one did an experiment with the movie The Crying Game(1992), that has a very mixed reaction because of the ending, ie, the woman was a man. So they got 2 crowds and told one audience the twist, and the other they didn't. About 90% of the crowd that wasn't told the ending hated it, but the ones that were told the ending, about 80% liked the movie. Currently I find this season of DF7 ok, it's just that it doesn't feel as good as other seasons. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.5

08.06.21 : Win The Week: Pilot 2 - 8th June - studio recording : ABC Ultimo
It's hard to tell if a show will be popular from the studio recording, but I would change things, ie, jazz it up. From the recordings I thought Randling was mild but should be ok on TV, but after watching 4 of them on TV I realised it was a turd - no one knew any answers so every answer was just a blind sh!t-house guess, ie, an audience can't participate if they can't guess answers. I think the trend for comedy quiz shows thesedays is to have the questions secondary to the comics mucking around, and tonight we had Dragon Friends Michael Hing, and Ben Jenkins going to the Jordan McClellan school of making sh!t happen, ie, they used every opportunity to make things exciting/funny, so that part was fun. Hard Quiz has hooks, ie, a host that roasts everyone and the word HARD being emphasised, but this one seems to rely on the 3 team captains being amusing. I think 6 comics battling/mucking-around, a sassy Philge type host, and longer speed round, and it would be more dynamic. But then again it might just be me, because when you see a lot of comedy only heightened dynamics stand out, ie, you need a harder hit each time - lol -. 3

08.06.21 : Those Who Wish Me Dead - movie
Drama, Thriller : A teenage murder witness finds himself pursued by twin assassins in the Montana wilderness with a survival expert tasked with protecting him. 
The trailer made it look one dimension, ie, boy with a secret running from killers, but it was a bit better than I thought. The killers are a bit brutal, so it's not fun in that respect, ie, it's kind-of serious. 3.25

04.06.21 : Breaking News in Yuba County - movie
Comedy, Drama : A woman takes advantage of her growing celebrity status when the police and the public think her dead husband is just missing. 
It's not that lol funny at the start, but it's light-hearted and gets more amusing as the story gets more convoluted. A bit fun. 3.25

02.06.21 : Finding You - movie
Romance, Drama : Violinist Finley Sinclair travels to an Irish coastal village to begin her semester studying abroad when she encounters Beckett Rush, a handsome actor who's filming another instalment of his medieval movie franchise. 
It's probably not possible to make a romance that is not predictable, but this one gave it a good go with all the mysterious side stories. A likeable nice/sweet romance that is not too serious, ie, light drama. 3.5

28.05.21 : Locked Down - movie
Comedy, Crime, Romance : I couple that separated, and forced to live together because of lock-down, attempts to steal a diamond. 
Sometimes it's nice, but mainly it's long-winded. Basically it's too slow to be fun or funny, ie, 2hrs was too long. 2.25

26.05.21 : A Likely Story - Famous Last Words : Giant Dwarf live-stream
That was one huge steaming turd. They offered a live-stream, which was good because I've had the flu for 2 weeks and I can still support the show, but then they cut the feed without an explanation so you only got half a show. It's not a great show to start with, even though I tend to support it due to loyalty to the old Giant Dwarf, but this is going to be the last A Likely Story for me. 0

09.05.21 : Ahmed Zubb - Good Morning Kebab : Factory Theatre
The premise is a shambolic mock pilot recording of a morning show for Netflix. There is a Floor Manager(straight-man) constantly trying to keep the recording on track, but the whole cast is loose units playing totally amateurish characters. It started really good, ie, 4.5 gags, and tapered to 3.5 for the rest. I don't know if it was on purpose or a gag, but it ended with them clearing the stage for the next show, and that meant the audience didn't know what response to give. Basically I don't know what their response level was. I did hear someone on the way out say it was very good, if that helps. Good. Crowd : ? - Me : 3.75

08.05.21 : Sam Taunton – Rooster : Factory Theatre
I was going to skip Sam, but then I thought the night would end too early so I got a ticket. The first third was only ok because it was repeats that I have seen a lot of times. The second third was good because it was all new to me. The last third I had heard before, but only once, so it was goodish. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5

08.05.21 : Harley Breen : Factory Theatre
I thought it would've been funnier. Harley is what I term young semi-pro, ie, always good for a laugh, but I just didn't laugh that much. The show is not a 3, but because I was disappointed I gave it a 3. The crowds 3.75 is probably closer to what the normal person would experience. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3

07.05.21 : Sian Smyth - Grub : Factory Theatre
That was not what I was expecting. I saw a quick vid and it looked funny, but during the show I didn't laugh once. To be fair people were laughing, but I found the material, ie, being disadvantaged and then emotionally abused, raped, and nearly killed by a boyfriend, too harrowing to be funny no matter how flippant and sarcastic it was delivered. I guess we can only support Sian by being there, because it seems that the retelling of events is somehow cathartic. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : na.

07.05.21 : Lewis Garnham - The Worst Train I've Ever Built : Enmore Theatre
I found it funny, and so did the audience. He kind-of reminds me of the newish comics that are good, but we don't realise it until we see average comics because our level is 5 star Hughey, ie, underrated. Basically you won't be disappointing seeing this as it's just plain good fun. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.75

07.05.21 : Alice Fraser - Chronos : Enmore Theatre
Last time I couldn't concentrate because I was pissed-off that I got there late and missed that start, so I thought I better go again and see what it was about. I't nice, but it feels more like a logical conversation with someone than a show. Basically if feels like the constant logical counter-point conversations in my head, when I used to have a brain - lol -.  It's not like the other shows that seem to be a bit tragic/sad, but more nice and less confronting. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.75

06.05.21 : Anti Experts Guide to Everything : Enmore Theatre
A sarcastic/ironic look at all the crackpots and BSers of the past year, ie, Scott Morrison, Pete Evans, GOOP, stupid Bunnings mask woman, COVID conspiracy theories, Swisse vitamins etc. It's what I always say, "God favours the intelligent, because they're not stupid enough to believe in God", ie, BS - lol -. The GOOP bee sting face treatment that resulted in a woman's death was especially tragic, ie, they made out it was safe, but we all know some people are allergic and can die so it's not a good idea. Not riotously funny, but still pretty good. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.75

05.05.21 : Eric Hutton - CA$H MONEY : Factory Theatre
I've seen a lot of comics at armature standup nights, ie, unknowns, and only a few were impressive right from the start, eg, Rhys Nicholson, Jonas Holt and Eric Hutton. I can't say he was at his peek - he also said he was a bit out of practice -, but it was still good. Crowd : 4 - Me : 3.75

05.05.21 : Paul McDermott - Plus One : Factory Theatre
I don't think Paul is a natural comic, but because he's the hardest worker in the biz he forces it to be funny. Which it was. I remember when he was doing Good News Week TV recordings, he was always trying to amuse the audience between different scene setups so they didn't get bored - Mikey Robins is naturally funny, but he didn't give as much off-time banter as Paul -. I'm not that crazy for the songs - I like direct message comedy songs, ie AoA, not word heavy ones like Paul writes -, but they are nice enough - his voice makes anything sound good -. His straight talking comedy was super funny, and is what I liked the most. On a side note I think he should lose the beard, because tonight he was clean-shaven and still has that young, good-looking, baby face. If he just did talking comedy it would probably be a 4 from me, but it was still super good. Crowd : 4.25 - Me : 3.75

05.05.21 : Carlo Ritchie - A Bit of This, A Bit of That : Factory Theatre
Bi-sexual, Titanic, with an "Inception" like standup routine - lol -. This is the third time I've seen this routine, and thought it wouldn't be that funny because of knowing the routine, but it was delivered with such precision and timing it was just as funny as the first time. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.75

02.05.21 : Fiona O'Loughlin - The Unreliable Witness : Factory Theatre
The blurb said the show was about Fiona when she lost here way, ie, the serious sad depressing time period, and straight away I thought of the recent TV special she made showing a dark and horrible Fiona, ie, not funny or fun. Assuming the worse I had to convince myself to go, and to my surprise it was the same fun funny Fiona. There weren't many bits of the dark times. and even when there was they were light-heated, but the main part of the show was supplementary stories to her usual stuff, ie, new stuff she remember from the same time period. There were a couple of repeats, but it was probably only 10%. Fiona is fighting fit and pretty much as good as before. Crowd : 4 - Me : 4

01.05.21 :  Brodi Snook - Handful : Factory Theatre
She's an old head on young shoulders, ie, quite mature. She is kind-of like the young semi-pros, in that the gag writing is well thought out and intelligent. The show gets very serious/tragic at the end, ie, murder of young innocent women - I still struggle with the rape and murder of that young Melb comic -, and she tries to bring it back to funny, but you can't avoid it affecting you. Crowd : 4.25 - Me : 3.75

01.05.21 : The Game is Afoot: An Improvised Sherlock Holmes Mystery : Factory Theatre
That was "Fire!". The whole cast was pros and veterans so it was a 4 even before it started, and because it's real world based - I don't like abstract based Improv like Ross Nobel -, it's funnier because you have a common knowledge reference. Crowd : 4 - Me : 4.25

30.04.21 : Christina Van Look - A Look Back : Factory Theatre
A walk down memory lane looking at CVL's life history, punctuated by historical events at the time, ie, from the Brady Bunch to 9/11. It's been so long since seeing CVL that I can't remember if this is the same show as last time, but I do remember the gags from her standup routine. It's a nice little show with nice little laughs, and it's probably more appreciated by older people because of all the historical things - superfluous or serious -, because it's things we remember. Probably a touch higher than 3.5, because it's delightful/nice. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5

30.04.21 : Wrath of Man - movie
Action, Thriller : The plot follows H, a cold and mysterious character working at a cash truck company responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars around Los Angeles each week. 
You have to pay attention to the timeline because it jumps to different time periods, so as to keep the mystery by revealing the details slowly. It's cool, it's tough, it's fairly intelligent - it has the usual questionable character decisions -, so it was pretty good. 3.75

29.04.21 :  Rebecca De Unamuno - An Evening with Rebecca De Unamuno : Enmore Theatre
Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's mild. This was mild, and I think it's because the audience was fairly old, ie, not as interesting. 2/3 of the show is talking with the audience and improvising stuff, and it was nice enough, just not super funny. The last third was interesting because Bek told us more of what she did. She did tells us of her time doing voice-overs on Happy Feet in another show, but this time she told the full story of working with Robin Williams. She also told us of her time managing a TAB gambling shop, and that was also interesting. Mild but ok/interesting. Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.25

29.04.21 :  Cameron James: It's good to be here, it's good to be anywhere : Enmore Theatre
I forgot that I just saw Cam a couple of weeks back at Ben Lee's show - lol -. At Ben's show he did a tight 15min, and it was "fire". This was roughly the same material but stretched out to 1hr, so it wasn't as strong. It was funny, just not as blistering without the machine gun delivery. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5

29.04.21 :  Sami Shah - Cuck : Enmore Theatre
From the energetic delivery you would expect it to be very funny, but there just wan't that many real jokes. It kind-of felt more like statements/stories, than things that are genuinely funny. It's not bad, just more amusing than funny. It was still interesting, so it's ok to watch. Crowd : 3.25 - Me : 3.25

29.04.21 : Mortal Kombat - movie
Action, Adventure, Fantasy : MMA fighter Cole Young seeks out Earth's greatest champions in order to stand against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe. 
This is going to sound stupid, but it was good, ie, not technically good, good fun good. Things got even better when a wise-cracking Josh Lawson turned up - he must have wrote his wise-cracks because they were quite funny, ie, not lame. There are bits that are amateurish, ie, dialogue near the end, but it was fun enough that it didn't matter. 3.5

28.04.21 : Dragon Friends & Friends play Werewolf Live : Comedy Store
9 loose units and a host play the Werewolf game - like Among Us but without the tasks -. From the first time I saw this I figured they needed some music to cover up sounds and enough distance between players so no one knew who was moving, which is how they found some of the critical players, but it's not really about the game, more mucking around for the audiences amusement. Which it was. The first game was funny, but in the second it got extra funny when Daddy Dave got pushed from host to player, ie, he was named town pervert - lol -. What was ironic was that everyone cited with Dave's accusations and killed that player, but the problem was Dave was wrong every time and he solely removed every villager without a single werewolf loss. Crowd : 4 - Me : 4

25.04.21 : Bec Melrose - Absolute Goose : Enmore Theatre
Bec Melrose - Ibis was a very cute little show, but this one is on another level. Basically it was very funny straight standup routine about feral "knuckles" doing crazy things. It's kind-of like those Youtube vids where they roast stupid people, just a lot more funny. Good. Crowd 3.75 - Me : 3.75

24.04.21 : Bonnie Tangey - Yuck - Fresh - : Enmore Theatre
It's not big laughs, but more a nice/charming sweet little amusing show. Crowd 3.5 - Me : 3.5 

24.04.21 : Simon Taylor - Is A Super Funny Boy : Enmore Theatre
His TV special was super good, but this one is not up to that level. It's the usual Millennial's problems thing, but it did have a not too conventional meeting of his wife's gun toting parents from the Deep South. It's a bit higher than 3.5, but not quite a 3.75. Crowd 3.5 - Me : 3.5

23.04.21 : Jake Howie - Sparkle : Factory Theatre
Not the strongest comic, unless you like that singing and dancing type comedy, ie, over dramatised gay comedy, but the first half was ok because it was movies, etc, ie, everyday stuff. The second half was lots of marriage/relationship/ex lover stuff, and it's not that interesting for me, ie, it has more importance to the story teller than someone from the outside. Crowd 3.25 - Me : 3

23.04.21 : Carl Donnelly(UK) - The King of Wishful Thinking : Factory Theatre
At $37 it was a "hard NO", but I looked a vid and he seemed like an old-time comic that would be genuinely funny. He's not an old-time comic, but more a young/old time comic, ie, genuinely funny, just with modern subjects. It was mainly about the differences between the UK and Australia during a pandemic, and his Australian wife. Basically it's all that non serious stuff that is very funny. It was pretty much laughs all the way, so I liked it a lot. Very Good. Crowd 3.75 - Me : 4

22.04.21 : Michael Hing - Kill-Hing in the Name Of : Factory Theatre
I got a bit of a shock when I bought a ticket at the box office, because $35 seemed a bit high for the Hingster - lol -. It started the same as the Project52 days, ie, venting of the grievances - lol -, then it progressed to his new life as a JJJ drivetime host. I wasn't expecting many laughs because I didn't really like the last show, but the show was rather good and I did laugh. The death threat part wasn't nice - I would politely tell person that I have to report him to Insta and he will get banned due to contravening their rules, because death threats are not acceptable in any form, ie, Leokimvideo did that on Youtube when someone threatened his kids, and the other guy begged for forgiveness to not be banned. Leo told him what he did was not acceptable and reported him anyway -. I would've also got the cops # and reported him for not being professional, ie, he assumed a prejudiced that Hing said something to provoke him. ie, a cop must never have an opinion and must only state the facts. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.75

22.04.21 : Steen Raskopoulos - Business. Never. Stops : Factory Theatre
Skits, songs, mime, improv. You have to pay attention because it's one of those shows were there are what seems like random unrelated stuff, but if you work it out you'll notice them all come together and link at the end. It's a bit like that Theatresports game were 3 people have to tell stories that join at the end. The show is ok, it's just that I didn't laugh, ie, it's not bad, just that it's not high laughs. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3

21.04.21 : A Flying Photon : Giant Dwarf Theatre
It's a science comedy show, and the science part is decent enough, but the comedy was so basic all it did for me was slow the show down. I find science shows/lectures more interesting when it's new science, this is more or less known science. Known science can be ok if there is a lot of info, but this was rather sparse and slow. Basically if there was a lot of science info delivered fast it would be more impressive. If you're not expecting much or don't know about EM waves it's ok, but for me it was a bit mild. Crowd : 3.25 - Me : 3

20.04.21 : Voyagers - movie
Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller : A crew of astronauts on a multi-generational mission descend into paranoia and madness, not knowing what is real or not. 
It's ok, but it more politics in space than actual SciFi, ie, a power hungry megalomaniac/psychopath perpetuates lies that cons the majority into following his agenda for power. I guess it's kind-of Lord of the Flies in space. 3.5

15.04.21 : The Courier - movie
Thriller, Historical Drama : Cold War spy Greville Wynne and his Russian source try to put an end to the Cuban Missile Crisis. 
Interesting good. 3.75

14.04.21 : Dragon Friends Season 7 - Live D&D Comedy Show : Comedy Store
For me this has been the least interesting season so far. The first half was better because there was more story, but the second half was stuck in one place and got dull. I think this ep was better than the last, but it still wasn't anything exceptional. Basically it's vaguer than usual, not as clever, intricate, compelling, or funny. To be fair seasons usually start slow, and seeing comedy all the time makes you less tolerant, ie, laughs have to come fast, so it could just be me. The crowd doesn't seem to mind, but you can hear less laughs compared to the good eps. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.25

14.04.21 : Ascendant - movie
Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi : A young environmentalist wakes, trapped, kidnapped in the elevator of a super high-rise building at the mercy of her tormentors. 
It could be because I couldn't hear, so couldn't follow the story, but I just couldn't get into it. Even with that, I don't think it was done that well anyway. I was thinking it was like The Maze Runner(2014), ie, looked dumb from the outside but was super intriguing, but in reality not much happened. Most good mysteries have something new happen to fill the slow bits, but this one didn't have much. Made me yawn in places. 2

14.04.21 : Nobody - movie
Action, Crime, Thriller : A bystander who intervenes to help a woman being harassed by a group of men becomes the target of a vengeful drug lord. 
Way better than the trailer suggested. Cool, fun, good. 3.5

11.04.21 : Citris Plus - Eight Equals Dee : Giant Dwarf Theatre
I watched their YT introduction video and it looked comedic so I bought a ticket, but then I looked at more stuff and it wasn't. What it was was 4 girls singing and dancing J-pop songs mimicking the original song's videos while the crowd moshes in the pit. There was one girl speaking in a forced high pitched voice, which I assume is mimicking the original artist, so I guess it was comedic if you knew the reference. Basically if you like J-pop and dancing, just get some stick lights and buy a ticket. It's not what I would go for, but it did look good with all the dancing and waving and coloured lights from the crowd in the moshpit. Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.

07.04.21 : Weirder Together : Giant Dwarf Theatre
Ben Lee gave me a fairy bread - lol -. I'm not a Ben Lee fan - I don't find pop substantial -, but since he is trying comedy I thought it might be interesting - at worse being a seat filler sustains the venue -. There were musicians singing songs, and some trying a bit of comedy with the songs - they were ok but not outstanding, ie, not pro comics -. There was also the pro comic Cameron James - he was so good that the music crowd - not renowned for laughing - found him very funny. For me I had to split at half way to meet someone, but the songs/artists I didn't know, I kind-of tuned out. On the other hand, the pros musicians, ie, Ben Lee and Josh Pike, I found rather good. Since I'm not into music anymore it was only Cameron that stood out, but the rest was ok too. Cameron 4, but overall Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3.5

24.03.21 : A Likely Story - Drawing the Line : Giant Dwarf Theatre
Host Concetta Caristo
Brendan Hancock (Two Queers Walk into a Bar) : A one night stand in Tasmania becomes a phone/txt relationship, but on the way back to TAS a selfie makes the guy change his mind and ghost him.
Jacinta Gregory (Two Queers Walk into a Bar) : having a sexual kink for a cartoon character at 11 years old.
Harry Jun (SBS Voices, Comedy Store) - Being fat bullied at swimming training.
Emma Ryan (A Likely Story) : Emma proposing before the man.
Challito Browne (ABC’s Frayed) : Falling off his skateboard to avoid an accident he is shunned by society, only to find out latter he had rolled in dog sh!t.
Crowd : 3.75 - Me : 3

21.03.21 : Cosmic Sin - movie
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi : Seven rogue soldiers launch a preemptive strike against a newly discovered alien civilisation in the hopes of ending an interstellar war before it starts. 
I'm surprised Rotten Tomatoes gave this 8%, because it should've been lower - lol -. There is not one aspect of this film that is NOT badly done, ie story, dialogue, acting, action. If Bruce Willis did some actually acting he might have made this interesting, but he did so little you could've cut him from the film and it would've made any difference. This is what I term a "nothing" film, ie, adds absolutely no value. It wasn't that annoying, but it was boring. 1.5

16.03.21 : Giggle Pig Comedy : Giant Dwarf Theatre
That was a 2 hour drive for nothing. I got caught in so much traffic I missed the start time lockout by ½ an hour, so I drove home. na

16.03.21 : Then Came You - movie
Comedy, Romance : A lonely widow plans a trip around the world with her husband's ashes, to visit the places they loved in the movies. The first stop on the journey changes her life forever. 
It's nice enough, but it's not perfect. Basically there are small things that looked contrived/set-up, and some disjointed sketches pasted in, but most people won't notice. It's ok - maybe a touch slow -, but the older set will probably like it. 2.75

10.03.21 : Dragon Friends Season 7 - Live D&D Comedy Show : Comedy Store
It's pretty much the usual start to a season, ie, mild-ish. There was one big laugh at the start of the 2nd half - it was a short lateral riff about a lizard -, but the rest was only chuckles - you can tell the good eps because the audience laughs a lot, but if you listen to this podcast it will only have mild laughing -. You can't tell if a season is going to be good until you've heard the whole thing - I initially didn't like the Australian out-back season but it ended up being the best -, so we'll have to see what happens. That being said, I've noticed with Dragon Friends and Beef Babes this year there is more mucking-around and less story, and to me it feels less funny. BB always has less laughs because it doesn't have the audience generated laugh track to spur the performers on, but overall it feels like there is less substance this year. Basically story adds more complexity/substance and is a good filler for when it's not funny, so the lack of story this year feels like something is missing.
I was a bit worried about the extra cost of logistics with the venue change - an extra $14 for transaction fee and parking, ie, a $43 night -, but there is free parking nearby and tickets at the door don't have a transaction fee - thankfully my yearly DF bill will only be around $308 -.
Crowd : 3.5 - Me : 3.5

04.03.21 : Chaos Walking - movie
Adventure, Sci-Fi : A dystopian world where there are no women and all living creatures can hear each other's thoughts in a stream of images, words, and sounds called Noise. 
It the usual dystopian world nut-jobs hunting down a stranger, ie, kinda slow kinda depressing. Not fun 2.75

26.02.21 : Boss Level - movie
Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi : A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never ending time loop on the day of his death. 
It doesn't seem possible to make a bad "stuck in a time loop" film, because this one is also good. It's not as funny as Groundhog Day(1993), but it is funnier than Edge of Tomorrow(2014). Either way it was fun. 3.75

24.02.21 : A Likely Story : Giant Dwarf Theatre
It was nice on Zoom so I thought it would be better being there, but it ended up being too much effort for such a small reward. When a show is mild the convenience of not having to drive for 1hr, wait around at the start, then wait for intermission, and drive 1hr back, makes you more accepting of light laughs because you haven't got as much invested in it. Basically you expect more when you've gone to so much effort.
Host Concetta Caristo
Kevin Jin - Nerd trying to find a girlfriend.
Jacqui Bramwell - 26, and finding out a one night stand is 19 years old.
Phil Spencer - Rhyming poem
Janek Gonsalkorale - Him and a girl go to Ibiza to lose their nerdyness, only for the girl to have sex when he is in the same tent.
Lauren Bonner - Getting robed and hiding horrible but expensive bed sheets from the police due to embarrassment.
Crowd : 3 - Me : 3

19.02.21 : Love, Weddings & Other Disasters - movie
Comedy, Romance : It is a multi-story romantic comedy about the people who work on weddings to create the perfect day for a loving couple - while their own relationships are outlandish, odd, crazy and far from perfect. 
I thought it was going to be old people being dull but nice, but it was mainly young people and fun. Maybe simple, and maybe a bit contrived, but still very nice to watch. 3.5

17.02.21 : Long Story Short - movie
Comedy, Romance : Teddy , who wakes up the morning after his wedding to discover that every few minutes he's jumping forward to the next year of his life. 
In Groundhog Day(1993) the same day repeats, in this it jumps forward a year. It didn't start nice, but when you figure out why it's happening it gets nice. Not funny/fun like Groundhog Day(1993), more like the end of Click (2006) when the guy realises life has passed him by. It's intended to be light-hearted, and it kind-of is, but it's more real life than funny. 3.5

16.02.21 : Giggle Pig Comedy : Giant Dwarf Theatre
Host : Rowan Thambar, Michelle Azevedo, Sam Campbell, Fiona Cox, Dan Rath, Concetta Caristo
It was half a crowd, but it was still nice. Crowd : 3 - Me : 3.5

16.02.21 : Detective Chinatown 3 - movie
Action, Adventure, Comedy : A murder in a closed room has the detectives batting it out to find the perpetrator. 
DC2 was funnier but more disjointed - they added a lot of weirdly linked slap-stick skits -, where as this was more logical but harder to follow because there wasn't enough time to read the subtitles - the subtitles are only up for as long as it takes to say the line in Chinese, but the translation is a lot longer so you miss a lot of it -. It's ok 3 

12.02.21 : Synchronic - movie
Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi : Two New Orleans paramedics' lives are ripped apart after they encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects. 
It has a dark, moody, trippy feel, with SciFi concepts that are explained - unlike Tenet -. If this movie had a big budget it would've been a seriously big film, but even as it is it's still very good/interesting. 4

10.02.21 : A Rational Fear: 100th Episode : GD live-stream
My heart wasn't in it. I had 2 shows cancelled so I transferred to this because there was nothing else, but then a better show came along on the same day and I was thinking about skipping this one for that one - this is what I should've done -. I black-ban the news because I find it distressing, like the way the white far right spread their BS to profit themselves and not the people. Ironically all their BS is losing because everything they campaign against is slowly taking over, ie, renewable's, electric cars, climate change, etc, because it's profitable and is what the majority want anyway. I also had trouble hearing parts, even with the volume turned up. NA

05.02.21 : The Marksman - movie
Action, Thriller : A rancher on the Arizona border becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing the cartel assassins who've pursued him into the U.S. 
Slow moving and using the well worn-out "Running from the Cartel" story. Basically it's a $14 time-filler than anything interesting. 2.5

04.02.21 : Pixie - movie
Comedy, Crime, Thriller : Pixie masterminds a heist but must flee across Ireland from gangsters with two unlikely lads. 
One reviewer said it was Tarantino-esq, but it's not, it's stylised violence, ie, not boring Tarantino gross sadistic violence. It starts off kind-of cool and stylish, ie, fun/interesting, but half way it got a bit dull. It picks up again at the end, so it becomes interesting again. It's ok. 3.25 

29.01.21 : Occupation: Rainfall - movie
Action, SciFi : Two years into an intergalactic invasion of earth, survivors in Sydney Australia fight back in a desperate ground war. 
It's an Australian version of a big SciFi action movie. It's nearly all action except for a small comedy section at the end, which is weird because this meant to be a serious(Australian serious) type file. Even though it wasn't the greatest story the action covered it up, but when it said it was chapter 1 at the end I reflected back that it was more action time filler than story, ie, it might not have enough story for another. Quite decent. 3.5

22.01.21 : Wonder Woman 1984 - movie
Action, Adventure, Fantasy : Diana must contend with a man, whose desire for extreme wealth sends the world down a path of destruction. 
I remember the other films being better, because this is kind-of corny-ish, ie, like a big budget version of the old TV show. I didn't hate it, it's just that I would've preferred something more interesting. Ok 3

21.01.21 : Dragon Rider - movie
Animation, Adventure, Family : A young silver dragon teams up with a mountain spirit and an orphaned boy on a journey through the Himalayas in search for the Rim of Heaven. 
I usually don't do animation - it's usually too simplistic for adults -, but I thought this was a How to Train Your Dragon franchise because the characters on the poster looked similar. It's probably a decent story, but either I was disappointed it wasn't HtTYD, or it just wasn't magical like HtTYD, because for the first half I was yawning a lot. In the second half I got used to it and it was interesting enough that it was ok. Not too dumb, ie, simplistic, for adults. 2.75

20.01.21 : The Buddy Games - movie
Comedy : A group of friends reunite to play The Buddy Games. 
With d!ck jokes and guys roasting each other you would think it would be fun, but there just wasn't anything to laugh at. I didn't hate it, more that I was disappointed that there was nothing to do with only 3 laughs in 90 min. 2

20.01.21 : Promising Young Woman - movie
Crime, Drama, Thriller : A young woman traumatised by a tragic event in her past seeks out vengeance against those who crossed her path. 
I did a 5 sec search and it said comedy, so I didn't think twice. Well it wasn't a comedy, but more a sad movie due to it depicting the way vulnerable women are taken advantage of. It's not a killing revenge movie, but a clever psychological revenge movie. Not what I would go for, but it was actually quite interesting/good. 3.5 

20.01.21 : Monster Hunter - movie
Action, Adventure, Fantasy : When Lt. Artemis and her loyal soldiers are transported to a new world, they engage in a desperate battle for survival against enormous enemies with incredible powers. Feature film based on the video game by Capcom. 
I didn't know this was a video game, so it seemed a bit weird going from normal to crazy fantasy dungeons and dragons and monsters. It starts slow-ish because the situation seams hopeless, but by a 1/3 it gets quite ok. 3.5